Maoyuu Maou Yuusha 06 – “Fake boobs usually mean a burly guy”

Maoyuu Maou Yuusha 06
I’ve finally learned something from this show.

… How does this thing manage to be more boring than my economics lessons from school? Then again, it looks like ARMS has finally listened to my complaints from last week. While it was as tedious, nonsensical and boring as it could get, at least we finally got an entire segment dedicated to the human vs. demons war subplot. Joy!

But you know, this wouldn’t be a proper war if not for all the talking about it. See, you don’t show wars without excessive lectures about them. And philosophying angsty maids. “What is a war? Why does it happen? Why does it not end?”. Very deep, Maoyuu. Sadly, the generic “A WAR IS A CONFLICT. NOT ALL CONFLICTS ARE WAR.” speech wasn’t much better. Yes, wars are conflicts. Yes, conflicts are raised by different interests of different people. Yada yada, blabla. That was totally necessary because the concept of a war is so incredibly hard to understand. Also, considering how this show has a knack for selling itself as incredibly complex – trying to establish “complexity” mostly with masses of exposition, failing terribly at it – and philosophical, with the point being that things are not as easy and one-sided as one might think, the black and white portrayal of things doesn’t really help matters. I’d even call it hypocritical. See, there are those incompetent human bastard generals who couldn’t be any more evil and incompetent if they tried. THEY ARE AT FAULT! And as for the demons’ side, the good demons are cute and have human-like looks, whereas the evil demons have beast-like looks and are anything but a sight to behold. Maoyuu, what exactly are you trying to tell me? It’s okay to kill the demon soldiers because they don’t resemble humans at all but feel free to pity the cute monster girls suffering from the command of evil human superiors all you want? Then again, if that’s their plan, the terribly looking CG soldiers would at least have a purpose. That doesn’t ease my pain in the slightest while looking at them but hey, I could at least live with it if that was the case. If only.

Let me be blunt with the whole tactical side of things and all the elaborate scheming: It’s crap. Utter crap. See, there are those sea monsters preventing the human forces from conquering the demons’ castle. Well, now that’s a pro- oh, wait, Maou knows how to deal with that! Do problems only exist in this show to be solved half a minute after having been brought up? It’s like each and every episode features a problem to face and Maou always has a convenient gift in store for dealing with it. Not to mention that I question the sanity of a plan equal to building a small bridge because the sea monsters wouldn’t attack you while doing that. Either that or I might have dozed off a bit during one of the excessive info dumping sessions and missed out on some vital information. Enlighten me.

Also, look at these moe demons:
Maoyuu Maou Yuusha 06 1
Almost as cute as cow girl and slave girl. Almost. Looks also soulless enough to be right up to Baphie’s highly questionable alley but alas, it doesn’t have a nose. A real tragedy, I am sure of it.

Well, I think I liked hero’s side of things a bit more than Maou’s. One war was short, to the point and had a blushing flying skull. The other one was far too dragged out for its own good and had CG. While I was more busy laughing at hero’s psychological warfare tactics rather than with them, that still counts as amusement. The same can’t really be said for arrows on a map pointing at a castle, followed by a lengthy explanation that, yes, in order to get to the castle, you have to get across whatever comes first. For what it’s worth, at least they show other – more often than not completely irrelevant – things going on onscreen to make you compensate for some long, dull conversations. While hardly elegant, that’s always a very appreciated kind of storytelling. I would have preferred for them to completely skip on those explanations and just stop pretending that anything of this still makes an iota of sense, but the way they dealt with it was at least something and the BGM was quite impressive this time around. Sadly, the war itself was pretty much a rather unspectacular “Here. Have different kinds of demons.” affair. Have a few stills, show some demons fighting generic looking soldiers, let’s not forget about the blood and corpses, name the number of losses and that’s it. A proper war. Or maybe not.

Luckily, things got far better when hero bothered to show up, followed by very amusing reactions of both knight and Maou and every single character almost fainting at his awesomely awesome awesomeness.
Maoyuu Maou Yuusha 06 2
Inconsistencies in presentation are such a thing sweet thing. See, everyone is totally gay for him despite him being shown as a wuss most of the time. And he’s also incredibly strong because they keep telling you. I guess actually showing that he’s strong would be too much to ask for. Please don’t connect your audience to the content in any way. That would be… uncalled for, I say!

Welp. At this point I have to wonder whether we’ll ever get to see him fighting someone. No, not some low level demons. Beating assholes offscreen to a pulp in such an impressive way that even the camera refuses to show you but rather focuses on flickering candles with shacking backgrounds instead doesn’t count either. It’s like knight is the only character who somehow tries to make us remember what an action department is worth if everything else already fails. With that said, I’d rather have a show on her than on the hero’s melodramatic non-adventures or Maou’s exposition-laden problem solving. And while not particularly thrilling in terms of writing, at least her battle had some good animation going for it. That’s always much appreciated.

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4 Responses to Maoyuu Maou Yuusha 06 – “Fake boobs usually mean a burly guy”

  1. Baphomet says:

    So it’s questionable to want drawn human faces to look human-like?

    As for the episode, I can sorta understand where they were getting at with the war talk and the timing is even not really that out-of-place, but damn, the dialogue was terrible. “Tell me, what is war?” – “War happens when people meet.” – What the hell?
    Also, the demonic general wasn’t really portrayed as evil, just as a soldier to the core. There is that tiny difference between “Let’s slay the humans!” and “So the humans launched an attack? Strike back and slay them!”.

  2. eternia says:

    Anime lessons:
    -cute / underage girls should be protected and forgiven and adored, pigmen, walrusmen, wolfmen, dogmen should be killed without mercy
    -we have to judge things based by appearance alone

  3. Baphomet says:

    Anime lessons

    Are you still surprised?

  4. eternia says:

    Nope. I was just stating the obvious :-)

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