Totally not belated post on the best shows of 2014

Thank goodness it’s not like we already have March or anything, now that would be utterly embarrassing.
Best Anime 2014
Also, this post is fueled by Reindeer Loli Power™.
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Winter Season 2015 Mid-Impressions

Okay, look, here’s your first proper post ever since a month ago.
Winter 2015 Season Mid-Impressions
We’ve made it through the hiatus. I think.
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Edutainment is the best thing ever

Or so they say.
I can prove it though. Because there’s nothing I can’t do.
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First Impressions Winter 2015

Here’s the post that will turn out to be useless by the next week.
First Impressions Winter 2015
Also, don’t expect me to publish two posts within such a short time frame again. Exams soon. Very soon. Too soon.
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Thoughts on Death Parade 01

You’ll never be a bartender at Quindecim.
Death Parade
Although I might as well end up battling one of you fucks there!
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Watching anime on your HDTV = Good shit

Kids, I’ve got something very important to tell you.
You are not living your lives correctly!
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Winter Season 2015 Preview

One more season proving that Chinese cartoons are life, Chinese cartoons are love.
I want to ravage this perfection of DAT EVERYTHING but my season preview prevented me from doing that!
Except for about 90% of them.
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Fall Season 2014 Mid-Impressions

Perhaps we’re a week or two too late for the entire mid-impressions game but it’s not like anyone has ever cared so here we go.
Fall 2014 Season Mid-Impressions
On another note, The Big O was rather cool. New Konaka anime never.
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This season is good. Most responses to it are not.

Aaaaaas it’s usually the case.
This season
You know, the latter part. The former? You wish.
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Not All Light Novel Anime Suck – Part 01

Needless to say, most of them still do.
Not All Light Novel Anime Suck 1
Also kinda hilarious how I went double digits despite there basically being little to no chances of ever reaching those. Oh, well!
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