So long and thanks for all the comments!

Gotta stay true to myself and conclude this with cynism in the headline.
I'll miss you
Also involving less bangs and more whimpers.
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On apples and bird cages

I guess one of the most striking things in my entire blogging history is that I have no problems in regards to coming up with titles but filling these two lines beyond it, now that’s a hard task.
Depth In Anime
At least you still always get dozens of paragraphs as an apology out of it. Wouldn’t have it any other way after all!
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The Wire Was Completely And Utterly Fantastic

And kind of all you could ever wish for from a TV series.
The Wire
Which is a good enough reason to teach you people about good taste.
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Everything Wrong With Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Because I Felt Like It

My clickbait-esque title is stronger than actual video gaming journalism.
Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate But Not Really
You know, whatever that is.
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The Big Anime Fan Dictionary

Powered by ZakuAbumi™ translations.
Who Cares Anyway Why Won't You Shitters Watch DenYuuDen Already
Also yet another exciting lesson of Oshiete, Zaku-sensei!. Edutainment wins them all over.
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A few words on K-ON! season 9

Wherein the paint dries a bit faster than usually. And the smears aren’t quite as unsightly.
Also, I could have simply replaced the “season 9″ part with an appropriate amount of exclamation marks but I figured let’s rather not.
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Episodic Writing Brings Far Less Implications Along Than You Think

And If I Capitilaze Every Single Word In The Headline, I Might Achieve A Professional Writing Degree.
Anime Episodic
Either that or light novel title associations.
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Spring Season 2015 Preview

Better late than never.
Spring 2015 Preview
And Karna is OLEV.
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Totally not belated post on the best shows of 2014

Thank goodness it’s not like we already have March or anything, now that would be utterly embarrassing.
Best Anime 2014
Also, this post is fueled by Reindeer Loli Power™.
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Winter Season 2015 Mid-Impressions

Okay, look, here’s your first proper post ever since a month ago.
Winter 2015 Season Mid-Impressions
We’ve made it through the hiatus. I think.
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