I don’t think there’s a good place in regards to anime fans on the Internet but twitter might do the trick

Now that’s one heck of an awful title for sure.
twitter something
Then again, kinda fits my tl;dr output.
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Fall Season 2014 Preview

Fall Season 2014 Preview
So here we have the 1111th published article on this website, meaning you’ll have to deliver with at the very least as many comments in honor of that awe-inspiring number. Go on.
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Anime reviews on YouTube are shit

Hi, my name is Captain Obvious and I have something really important to tell you.
Next time on this blog: “Why the MAL top ten is baaaaaaaaaaaaaad”.
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How To Not Discuss – Special Round

Not like I’ve ever had a regular round with this apart from some German article from back in the days.
How To Not Discuss Something Bonus Something
Might recycle that for content one day though I guess.
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Summer Season 2014 Mid-Impressions

Wherein we find out that the two JUMP adaptations are the best stuff currently available. And aren’t surprised in the slightest.

Summer 2014 Mid-Season

And they aren’t even part of this specific season. Also, once again, no surprises on this side either. Oh well.

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I’m done with Aldnoah

Well, that’s one show less to write about for next week’s season post.
Aldnoah sucks
You sure know a show is terrible if not even the onee-san character can redeem it in the slightest.
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Hunter x Hunter: The Last Mission – Revenge is bad or something

HxH The Last Mission
Well, I think this was a rather good demonstration of what HxH would be like if it was like your average fighting shounen material… or a fanfiction.
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Futility in Cat Soup

Time to go from SAO rubbish to stuff nobody cares about.
Cat Soup
Now that will surely save my blog from decomposing.
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Sword Art Online II 03 – Aaaaaaaaaand dropped

Sword Art Online II 03
Enough is enough.
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Sword Art Online II 02 – Back to the Basics

Sword Art Online II 2
Now guess which kind of basics I’m talking about.
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